Sunday, January 16, 2011

60 odd minutes

Last time it happened was on Feb 14 2010. Its the annual online catch up among BVB guys. A bunch of v.v.s. guys. If I look back and feel happy about where I am now, these guys definitely need a special mention. 8/30 guys in my class made it to PSG. Impressive strike rate!!

The conference happened today thanks to Abdul and Sundi. Sundi sent out his marriage invite without changing the subject of last year's email I sent out to the guys for the conference call. Mr.Abdul saw only the subject and never read the contents. He was eagerly waiting to talk to my batchmates. I dint want to disappoint him. Google docs made my job easier to create a poll and ask for a convenient date and time for the next call. We decided to have the call on Jan-16.

I took a ten minutes stroll from my home to Sundi's new home. We logged into skype around 10:45 a.m. The call was scheduled at 11 a.m. Only Sankar was online. Thats typical of our guys. They never keep up their time :) I called up Srini's mom.Srini was still asleep!! Then i buzzed Badri. He said,”Machi..Skype la account balance over. Have to find another account”(I was wondering why this guy needs account balance to login..). Thats Badri for u..As sundi and I were having a chat with Sankar, Hari and Vatsa joined. Hari was trouble shooting with Badri to help him login. Even we had to help him out to install a new version of skype :-) After he joined, he kept boasting about his relocation to Newyork city. He was staying in a kook-gramam(very remote village) until now.

Abdul slept at in the morning(tats saturday night party effect) and woke up at 11 after i gave him a ring. Badri in the meantime managed to login and was attending the call from his we were joined by Dinesh(a.k.a goali), Eshwar,Srini n Chari.Abdul was having a tough time sorting out the issue with his mic. His effort was invain till the end of the call.His mic ended up making mysterious sounds.

Everyone wished Sundi who will be losing his Bachelor's degree next week. We discussed about our batchmates(that will include a few girls ofcourse!!),shared what each one was doing and after chit chatting for around one hour we decided to end the call. We missed Adit,Maddy,Rossy,Rajesh,vivek,kushy,venkat,shekar,rams,varun n vicky who werent able to turn up.Hopefully next time we will have more folks.

Srini,Chari,Eshwar and Suraj joined us in person. Sundi n suraj showed us their engagement albums. It was a nice way to end my pongal vacation.. Love you guys..Stay in touch.


  1. :) Enjoyed it every bit as much as you did! I'm sure you guys had lots of fun at coimbatore !


  2. Andha 7 naatkal maari effectu :) super da Murali. Nee effort podale na rendu calls um nadandhurukkadhu..hats off :)